Commanders receiver Carl Whitley: training camp photo gallery

San Antonio Commanders wide receiver Carl Whitley goes through drills during the first week of training camp. - photo by Joe Alexander
San Antonio Commanders wide receiver Carl Whitley goes through drills during the first week of training camp. – photo by Joe Alexander
Carl Whitley is a firm believer San Antonio is ready for a pro football team.

He hears the talk since the Alliance of American Football announced it was coming to town.

“They love it. When you walk around now, everybody talks about it,” Whitley said last week. “They can’t wait to see the team.”

The former Roosevelt High School wide receiver is part of the building process of the new San Antonio Commanders, as he tries to continue his football career.

“That’s why I’m happy I’m on the team and I’m from here,” Whitley said. “I’ve got a community behind me. Family and friends. They just want to see this team. We’ve been waiting for a team for the longest. Now we’ve got one. Whole San Antonio is ready to rise. Everybody sees how we are with the Spurs. It’s going to be great.”

Whitley has been with the Commanders through mini-camp in December and now training camp, which just completed its first week.

“One thing I gained is I’m familiar with the playbook now,” Whitley said of the carry-over from mini-camp to training camp. “We got started early. I feel like I’ve got a little edge on. I’m ready to get in. I’m a little ahead of my time.

“When you go into certain camps you’re not really ready. This camp we’re ready. We’ve got plays together.”

After Roosevelt, Whitley played two seasons of junior college football at Cisco College.

Whitley spent three years at Abilene Christian. He sat out the 2016 season after suffering a knee injury late in the 2015 season. In 2015, he played in 10 games and had 10 catches for 374 yards with two touchdowns. In 2017, he played in 11 games and made 31 catches for 307 yards with five touchdowns.

Even in high school, Whitley never played in the Alamodome. He got to spend some time on the field there last week in a team meet-and-greet event for season ticket holders.

“I’ve never played in the Alamodome in all my time playing here,” Whitley said. “It’s been good walking down on that field. Actually being able to play on that field is crazy to me.”

Photo note: Photos of Whitley are from the first six days of training camp. Whitley was limited in practice on Saturday do to what a team official called a toe issue.

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