Commanders use practice with Legends as learning experience

Commanders defensive backs celebrate after a play during Tuesday's practice at Farris Stadium. - photo by Joe Alexander
Commanders defensive backs celebrate after a play during Tuesday’s practice at Farris Stadium. – photo by Joe Alexander
The San Antonio Commanders have been practicing six days a week since Saturday, Jan. 5.

Tuesday’s practice was the first time they faced players from another team. The Commanders and Atlanta Legends held a joint workout at Farris Stadium.

“It’s good to go against someone other than your own team finally,” Commanders defensive lineman Matt Godin said. “It’s a long camp so far. I think definitely both teams got better today. You learn stuff and it definitely helps to improve your technique and everything.”

The energy level went up a notch as players from both sides performed like they had something to prove. Late in the practice things got out of hand and the team-vs.-team portion was cut short.

“It was good energy. It’s one of those things that happens,” Commanders coach Mike Riley said. “You don’t like some of it but do like some of it. We actually got through the majority of what we wanted to do.

“One thing I know is good is when you set up a deal like this it starts getting them back into it. Some of them haven’t been in games for a while. It gets them back into that feeling of what it feels like to compete against somebody else instead of just practicing against yourself. There is actually some nerves involved. So it’s just good practice for getting ready to play a game.”

Godin seemed neither surprised nor worried that that things got intense between the Commanders and Legends.

“We thought that might happen,” Godin said. “You get late into camp and things like that happen. Tempers fly. Two teams just trying to compete. That’s what happened.”

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