Want to try out for the AAF?

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) is giving the players the opportunity to try out for the league.

The professional spring football league has announced four dates for combines. The closest one to San Antonio is set for Aug. 18, 2018, in Houston.

There is also a combine set for Aug. 4 in Los Angeles and two days, Aug. 25-26, in Atlanta.

See more information or register for a combine at:

37 thoughts on “Want to try out for the AAF?”

  1. Hello my name is James Caine,
    I recently tried to join the alliance at the atlanta combine.. i was turned away because i didnt register on time. i was in carolina with the panthers at rookie mini camp when i found out about it after killing the spring leauge in Austin Texas. Lots of players are now currently in the aaf from there. I just wanna know where i need to go to at least be seen im one of the best athletes/corners unsigned! ive met with officials with the Atlanta Legends i just need information

  2. Hello I’m 24 years old I like in Phoenix, Arizona. I was wondering if this league open to the public because I love football and it always been my first love.

  3. To everyone interested in trying out for the AAF and it’s teams:

    In the fall of 2018, the league held a series of combines. Keep an eye on the league website at aaf.com for the same thing to happen. There should be news next summer.

    As far as this season, teams made cutdowns from 75 players in training camp to 52 for the regular season. If they need to add players, they are likely to draw from the players they have cut who already have experience in their system.

    1. The NFL rule is you must be out of high school for three years. As far as I know, the AAF is following the NFL rules.

    1. Hi Khari. The AAF will probably hold open tryouts again next fall. The league should announce information at aaf.com.

  4. My names Ryan I tried to make it to college for football but too poor to pay for college didn’t get much recognition cause of the small school I was in never got the chance to show what i am really capable of doing i am not tall but I threw guys around that were 300+ 6ft+ I’m strong I hit hard as the reason my nickname is rhino.

    1. Hi Ryan. The AAF will probably hold open tryouts again next fall. Any information on that will be announced by the league at aaf.com.

  5. My name is John dobbs I’ve played much semi pro football…I had offers from JSU and several other to play college football I didn’t have my diploma cuz I failed social studies on the graduation test that not required now..I’m working out all the time tryna stay with it….I really want a opportunity to get a chance to show wat I got

  6. Hello my name is Kirvin Mancilla and I would love to tryout for the league. Im full of determination and power to play the game.

    1. Hi Corey. The Alliance has not announced information for next year’s tryouts yet. I recommend watching for word on that sometime next summer.

  7. Hello my name is Jacob I’ve not been in football but I’d like to give it a shot I just need more information on tryouts.

  8. I am definitely interested in trying out for this team. I’ll graduate this May, 2019. I’ve played four years of college football, with full football scholarships. I would love to have the chance to send you copy of my highlights in hopes to have an opportunity to try out.
    C. Magee

    1. Hi Colton. The AAF teams are mostly using players with some NFL experience. They will probably hold open tryouts in the fall. Information about that will be at aaf.com.

  9. Been playin football for 9 years now, very athletic and for a DB/Rb like me, i would love to show you what i got, you’d be surprised

    1. Hi Solomon. AAF teams are currently using mostly players with NFL experience. The league will probably hold open tryouts next fall. The league will announce that at aaf.com.

  10. I’m 23 year old Football was my first n only love. I’m looking for play football for the aaf. Is it open to the public

    1. Hi Kendall. The AAF teams are mostly signing players with NFL experience right now. The league will probably hold open tryouts in the fall. Information on that will be announced at aaf.com.

  11. I’d love an opportunity to try out for the AAF, ever since I was a little kid I’ve loved the sport. My first words were actually “Brett Favre” and “Touchdown” when are the tryouts for upcoming seasons?

    1. Hi Kyle. When the teams are picking up players now, they almost all have some NFL experience – ay least from training camp. The AAF will probably have some open tryouts in the fall. If the do it will be announced at aaf.com.

  12. Hello My name is Elijah Craft I would Like to try out I play offensive and Defensive Line backer Left and Right guard tackle I am 6’8 340lbs I am 19 graduated from detroit Central High I Love Football and have alot to offer to the Game you can see some of my high lights on google by looking up my name and the program that I speak for trying to help youth know the importance of illitaracy and over coming it please review and contact me.

    1. Hi Elijah. I expect the AAF to hold open tryouts again next fall. When they make an announcement about that it should be on their website at aaf.com.

  13. I know you say they take mostly NFL PLAYERS, my question is , would there be any chance for someone who only played high school football, but can enter a combine to a some type of shot , being out of high school for 6 years …

    1. Hi Marcus. Yes that is possible. The AAF had players attend its open tryouts (combines) last fall and because of that got signed to AAF teams. The league will probably hold tryouts again next fall.

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